Azienda Tilli ~ Casoli (Ch) | Vini e olio extravergine abruzzesi

vigneti montepulciano vigneti vigneti vigneti pecorino oliveti
In the territory of the town of Casoli, at the edge of the Maiella Mountain massif and of the National Park
of the same name. It is situated on average 400 metres a.s.l.. The land is in the vicinity of the Aventino river,
and close to lake St. Angelo, which has a moderating effect on the climate. It overlooks conservation areas
deemed Sites of Community Importance such as the holm oak of Casoli and the Colle Forests in proximity
to the Serranella oasis.
The altitude, temperature, diurnal temperature variation and exposure make this microclimate incomparable
especially with the final results: products which are difficult to reproduce elsewhere.
The winery has at its disposal 150000 ha composed of plots with various exposures and mineral compositions
We scrutinize whether our grape varieties such as Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Pecorino and Merlot are naturally
suited to individual lots, analysing the soil, microclimate and exposure. We identify beforehand which cultivar
to plant, the best rootstocks and the optimum clones, allowing our production to be one of quality leading to
excellent vinification. The vines are grown using the upwards-trained vertical-trellised system.
Vine density per Ha is high (over 4000). Severe pruning limits the production to under 100 h/ha.
We jealously maintain our ancient plots of land established centuries ago where you have the diverse varietals
of the territory of Casoli: Gentile, Intosso, Crognalegno and Olivastro. To these we have established new single
varietals using modern agronomic choices.
The system of cultivation is polyconic vase with manual pruning and harvesting. The harvesting of the drupes
and the successive cold-press within 24 hours assure the absolute goodness of the oil.
The new cellar, under construction, is on the site of the old farm buildings above the vineyards.
It is designed with a watchful appreciation of the environment and architecture.
The basement possesses an ideal temperature for the preservation and aging of wine in oak barrels.
It acts also as a wine tasting room where strictly local gastronomic products are matched to the wines.

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